Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday Workday at the CACG

There was a lot of activity on a warm Saturday afternoon at the Center Avenue Community Garden. Here are some pictures of the work being done:

David, Brenna, and Colin working in the sand box.
 Karen and Brenna transporting sunflowers to the compost bin.
 Brenna and Colin climbing on the trailer.
 Mike (left) pulling weeds, David (center) applying hay on top of the carrot seeds he planted, and Carlos (right) laying down fresh wood chips.
 Karen carefully searching for some fresh raspberries.
 Brenna giving Colin a ride in the garden wagon.
 An assortment of veggies, including tomatillos, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers.
 Mike, Colin, and Jennifer working near the potato tower.
 Mike collecting potatoes from the tower.
 Brenna and Jennifer giving a tour of the garden to some neighbors.
 David planting some carrot seeds, and plans to add garlic and lettuce to this bed.
 Colin intrigued by the eggplant: "What's dis, Dad?"
 David and Colin searching for cucumbers.
 Karen topping the sunflower plants.
 Colin being Colin in the sand box.
 David and Colin sharing a conversation.

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