Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turning a Pallet into a Children's Garden Bench

I found this idea from a blog called Our Thrifty Ideas, and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to turn a pallet into something fun for the kids to play and sit on at the CACG.

Mike and I talked about it on Saturday while we were watering, and made a plan to get to work this week.

After two hours of sawing, eye-balling, slightly measuring, drilling, and re-drilling, we came up with a pretty cool piece of furniture! 

Here are some pictures from our work at Mike and Jenn's 'workshop'.

1) First, we pulled off a center slat, and then sawed the pallet in half.

2) Then we took one of the 'halves', and sawed that in half, leaving us one full half piece, and two quarter pieces.

3) With the major cutting done, we wedged one of the quarters between two of the slats on the half piece (good idea from Mike to saw little knots of three 'legs')

4) The final steps were to prop the last quarter piece up, and screw all the pieces in place, and then we finished with a few spots to saw, and the bench was complete.  Including a trip to Ace Hardware for a box of 3-inch screws, total construction time was approximately two hours.

5) The finished product!


  1. It is important that the teak garden benches are stained properly because the stain will help to improve the quality of the finishing.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, and checking out the blog!