Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keeping it Local for Sunday Dinner

After Colin and I picked up a bunch of local favorites from the Downtown Farmer's Market, Viano Vineyards, and the Center Avenue Community Garden, I decided to put together something new for dinner on Sunday night.

Here's what I came up with, along with where our food came from:

The menu included (from left to right):
- Fresh Salad including tomatoes and onions from the CACG and cucumbers from Auntie Tina's garden in Tierrasanta (San Diego).

- Flowers from the Farmer's Market

- Hillside Red wine from Viano Vineyards (a mile from our house)

- White Squash Casserole (ground beef; orange and solar yellow carrots, squash, and onions from the CACG, and garlic from John and Jeanne McDonagh's yard in Mokelumne Hill, Ca)

- Herb Potato Mix (with green onions, rosemary, curly kale, basil, red and black potatoes from the CACG, Sweet potato from the Farmer's Market, and the Moke Hill garlic).

Here's a look at how I put it together the caserole:

                                        - peeled and cubed the squash, peeled and cut the carrots, and boiled them until they were soft with the poke of a fork.
                                         - Sauteed the garlic and onions with butter until they were wilted, then put them aside.
                                         - cooked up the ground beef with some cajun seasoning until it was brown, then added the onion and garlic mixture.
                                         - combined the beef/onions with the boiled squash/carrots (after draining them), and dumped the whole batch into a pie dish. 
                                          - chopped up some whole wheat bread, and sprinkled it on top.
                                          - Baked at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes, until the bread crumbs were toasty brown.

Here's a shot of some of the herbs and potatoes included in the diced potato dish:

- (Clockwise from the top): Black potato, red potato, curly kale, basil, and rosemary from the Garden, and sweet potato from the Farmer's Market.

- Brenna seemed to enjoy it! Along with some ketchup, of course....

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